Pain in the Ice by Arden Steele

Pain in the Ice by Arden Steele

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Novel: Pain in the Ice by Arden Steele
Writer(s): Arden Steele
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books,General English Books

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About Pain in the Ice by Arden Steele

Thade Maddock would literally rather die than spend four weeks aboard a cruise ship with nine hundred strangers in the middle of the Pacific. When it happens to be his best friend’s dying request, however, he can’t exactly refuse the invitation. On the bright side, the ship’s pool does offer some stunning views. Like the human male with fiery red hair and a smile to rival the sun.

Although he wouldn’t consider himself naïve, Micah Francis has led a rather insulated life. Having had limited contact with Otherlings and little knowledge about the paranormal world in general, meeting a dragon shifter his first day on the ship is nothing less than magical. Tall and brooding with a body made for sin, Thade is everything he had imagined a dragon would be. He didn’t, however, expect to feel so obsessively drawn to the guy after just one conversation.

But falling in love is the easy part. When Thade’s friend begins to deteriorate quicker than anticipated, the demon’s illness places the entire ship in danger. As pandemonium ensues and a multitude of dark emotions infects the passengers, happily-ever-after feels a long way off.