All the Dark Souls by Dunnewin

All the Dark Souls by Dunnewin

Book All the Dark Souls by Dunnewin is available to download free in pdf epub format.

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Novel: All the Dark Souls by Dunnewin
Writer(s): A. M. Dunnewin
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books,General English Books

About All the Dark Souls by Dunnewin

The first book in a new trilogy set in the same world as The Benighted Saga. Joss Brevyn is the last heir in a long line of executioners. Although a woman, the same rules still apply: kill the condemned within three tries, or be tortured and killed. Joss has yet to miss her mark, and even though she spends her free time as a healer, the town views her only as a deathsman. So when she and her assistant, Henrik, stumble upon a beaten man on the way home, both are hesitant to reveal who they really are. The only problem is, so is he.

Aric Kayden has seen better days. After failing to assassinate his last victim, he’s left bleeding on the side of the road until he’s found and taken in by Joss and Henrik, two seemingly innocent locals. Healing from his wounds, Aric is still haunted by the target he didn’t kill, especially by those who paid him. Despite the undeniable attraction between him and Joss, Aric can’t bring himself to tell the truth: that the masked figures who hired him knows where he is, and his original target is the mysterious prisoner who was recently sentenced to death. Forced to uphold the deal, Aric’s only job now is to make sure the execution goes as planned and eliminate whoever intervenes.