TRICK by Nicole James

TRICK by Nicole James

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Novel: TRICK by Nicole James
Writer(s): Nicole James
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books,General English Books

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About TRICK by Nicole James

I’m the VP of the Evil Dead MC’s Las Vegas Chapter.
When I’m asked to do a favor for an employee and pick up her nineteen-year-old kid sister from high school, I don’t realize I’ll soon be up to my neck in trouble. Come to find out, she’s the lone witness to a murder by the Santorini crime family.
Now the mob wants her dead, and I’ve got to decide if I risk stepping up to help her.
This isn’t the MC’s business and getting involved could put a target on all our backs. The only problem is I’m her only hope.
The more time I spend with this chick, the more I’m starting to fall for her. And the more miles on the road we spend together, the more this shy girl with her OCD tendencies is turning into a take-no-prisoners badass.
Now I’m determined to save her in spite of the fact that the mob is doing everything it can to stop me.
If I have any chance of saving us both, I’ll have to outsmart them every step of the way.