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Bear by Teagan Brooks

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Novel: Bear by Teagan Brooks
Writer(s): Teagan Brooks
Format: pdf epub
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About Bear by Teagan Brooks

After spending sixteen years behind bars for brutally murdering the man who killed my wife, I was released earlier than expected thanks to my daughter-in-law. I never resented my time in prison. I knew what I was doing from the moment his first drop of blood fell, until I turned myself in days later.

I was thrilled to be back home with what was left of my friends and family, though I wasn’t sure where I’d fit in after being gone so long. I shouldn’t have worried. My brothers are my brothers for a reason. After the initial welcome home party, they carried on as if I’d always been there.

Life was good. I was content. Wasn’t wanting for anything. Then, a little girl asked me if she could have a flower from my wife’s grave, and she stole my heart. Little did I know, so would her mother.