Lust by Carmen Rosales

Lust by Carmen Rosales

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Novel: Lust by Carmen Rosales
Writer(s): Carmen Rosales
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books,General English Books

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The sons of Kenyan just take what they want and who they want. The combination of their wealth, influence, and hostility makes them a serious threat.
When it comes to getting his hands on Gia, Dravin will literally do anything. He’s after her, but he has a secret that no one outside the Order knows about. What will Gia do when she finds out? Give in to her desires, or be the sacrifice?
Jess is fleeing from a dark past. Her inner demons may be dark, but they all have names. When she runs into members of the Order, they tried to break her but they didn’t realize she was already broken. Reid and Valen are both dangerous, sinful, and enjoy a challenge. They begin to feed on Jess’s lust for desire.
After one taste, they can’t stop.
Gia and her roommate Jess have realized they are Prey in a dangerous game of seduction.
There is only one way out: play the game or change the rules.