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Dark Soul – J.R. Pace

Book Dark Soul – J.R. Pace is available to download free in pdf epub format.

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Novel: Dark Soul – J.R. Pace
Writer(s): J.R. Pace
Format: pdf epub
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About Dark Soul – J.R. Pace

They’re not good men.
But, sometimes, good is not what the job requires.

Luke Dark hasn’t had a visitor in years, but suddenly, he gets two.

They make him that proverbial offer that he can’t refuse: a chance at freedom, if he survives five years in their employ. They know what he’s done—there’s no way they’d offer this if they thought he was likely to live that long.

Before he knows it, he’s in charge of a dangerous group of men whose capacity to trust is as rusty as his. There’s a woman with secrets of her own, who makes him long for things he has no right to even think about. And then things begin to spiral out of control.

He thought he’d come to terms with not having a future. He was wrong.