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Dream Omega by Hope Mae

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Novel: Dream Omega by Hope Mae
Writer(s): Hope Mae
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books

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About Dream Omega by Hope Mae

On the cusp of his first heat, Jamue is finally going to meet the alpha his parents arranged for him. Master Rosh is from a wealthy family like his, their bond makes sense, and Jamue won’t have to go to a commune house once they bond. He’d be spared that fate … if only it were that simple.
On the night they’re supposed to meet, things don’t go as planned – his father and brother don’t show, and he has to look for them at the health center. There he finds something unexpected – his true mate. He’s beaten, broken, and in so much pain; his heart goes out to him.
But there’s one problem – he’s already promised to another alpha.
After his rescue from a failed mission, Hym is broken. Captured and tortured for months, his mind is at the breaking point – temporarily blind and unable to process what’s happening around him; everyone is the enemy. But he responds to one thing – his true mate’s scent. Even that doesn’t seem real.
The night he met his true mate felt like a dream – a long-winding hallucination that stayed with him long after he healed and his mind returned to normal.
Did he meet him, or did he not? No one can confirm the truth.
How will he find him when he can’t even trust his senses?