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Fire by A. M. Rose

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Novel: Fire by A. M. Rose
Writer(s): A. M. Rose
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books

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About Fire by A. M. Rose

Fire is a racing prodigy. Well on his way to stand shoulder to shoulder with the best ones in history. His expectations of the new season were to train, race, and win, not to nosedive into the ground and injure his wing.
Forced to miss the rest of the season, he’s sent to schmooze with the rich and famous to stay in the limelight and keep the attention on himself. So he schmoozes. And wishes he could be literally anywhere else.
Until he walks in.
Nose in the air, disdain on his face, and secrets wrapped around him like an expensive suit.
Just figures Fire’s mate would be the most pompous little brat ever. On the plus side, riling him up should be fun, right?

Rio is a priority. He’s the main character. It’s what he’s used to and he will settle for nothing less than red carpets softening his every step.
He lives for the attention and drama, dreaming of a mate who will understand that Rio’s taste is impeccable and he just knows best.
Enter his mate.
Who disagrees with Rio every step of the way, makes him question everything he thought he knew about himself, but most of all, makes all the skeletons from his past resurface
So why doesn’t Rio mind it as much as he probably should?