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Knight for a Queen – K. Alex Walker

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Novel: Knight for a Queen – K. Alex Walker
Writer(s): K. Alex Walker
Format: pdf epub
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About Knight for a Queen – K. Alex Walker

Three years ago, after being falsely accused of betraying the Russian mafia, the former head of the Bratva left Gideon Medvedev for dead. Barely hanging on by a thread, he’s smuggled out of Moscow and placed on a private jet en route to emergency surgery in Denmark, where he dies.
However, life offers him a second chance.
He wants Anyssa Brandon as part of that second chance, and he doesn’t care who he has to kill to have her.
Some call her the Queen of Atlanta. Others, namely prosecutors, call her a fork-tongued viper whose knowledge of the law makes her a terrifying yet highly respected opponent.
However, right now, Anyssa Brandon is only worried about one thing: getting an acquittal for the Boss of the Irish crime family, Colm O’Sullivan, who’s facing three counts of first-degree murder.
She works Colm’s case like her life depends on it—because it does. Colm has already warned her that a guilty verdict will result in death for her, her two very young children, and anyone she holds near and dear.
Unfortunately for Colm, some of those who she holds “near and dear” are former members of a criminal organization themselves. So, on the one hand, she fights the case using her legal expertise. On the other hand, she prepares to fight fire with fire.