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Of Monsters, Men, & Moles

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Novel: Of Monsters, Men, & Moles
Writer(s): J. S. Cooper, Natalia Lamb
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books

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About Of Monsters, Men, & Moles

There was once a lamb and a big bad wolf.

He’s looking for a wife, and she’s looking for an adventure.

To wolf Antonio Marchesi, it was all about winning.

Poor little lamb Callie Rowney didn’t even realize it was a game.

As a mafia boss, I must marry someone in my world. Someone that knows what it’s like to run the family business, as it were. To aid in my betrothal, my father sets up a ball and invites all the eligible women from across the country. One of them will become Mrs. Antonio Marchesi. She will be my wife. We won’t be in love, but she will play her role.

Then I see the brunette in the red dress hiding in the corner of the room, trying to avoid me. She was the same woman I’d seen in the garden with her book. She’s sweet, innocent, a lamb. I want her. She’s totally inappropriate for the role of mafia wife. She’s not from my world. Yet I can’t stop my eyes from keenly following her around. And on the stroke of midnight, I make my way to talk to her, but she disappears into the night.