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Ruined Soul by Emma Creed

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Novel: Ruined Soul by Emma Creed
Writer(s): Emma Creed
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books

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About Ruined Soul by Emma Creed

Bound not by blood but loyalty.
We live, we ride and we die
by our own laws
I wasn’t born dark.
I was moulded this way.
I’ve suffered hell,
I’ve been at the bottom of the pit.
But now I have to come out fighting.
The Souls have given me an outlet.
They taught me a way to unleash all the fury and pain inside me.
And I need that now, more than ever.
When Jasmine comes to town looking for answers, I should avoid her.
Nothing good ever came from being around me.
And this girl shines far too bright to blacken with my shadow.
She’s pretty, innocent but, more than anything, she’s determined.
It’s gonna take a whole lot of strength to save her from me.
Ruined Soul is Book 11 in The Dirty Soul Series