Savage Savior by Sonja Grey

Savage Savior by Sonja Grey

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Novel: Savage Savior by Sonja Grey
Writer(s): Sonja Grey
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books

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About Savage Savior by Sonja Grey

To everyone else he’s a killer, the man they run from in fear,
but to me, he’s the only man who’s ever made me feel safe.

They call him Death.
He’s a scarred, tatted-up wall of muscle,
a highly trained killer that I should be running from,
but I’m lost to Artyom from the first moment I walk into his club and meet his sexy, grey eyes.
Everything about him is dangerous, raw, primal—a barely contained savage.
And now all his focus is on me.
He knows I’m in trouble, and he promises to protect me, to free me from my brother’s quick fists and his vicious friend.
To everyone else, he’s a monster.
To me, he’s my fierce protector, the one who would do anything to keep me safe.

People call me Death.
It’s a nickname earned in blood and one I fully deserve.
Everything I touch turns red, but I can’t stay away from her.
She’s a pawn in her brother’s game against the Fedorov Bratva.
Too innocent to be working in my club,
too innocent for me,
but I can’t let her go.
She was mine the second I laid eyes on her.
And I’ll happily kill anyone who tries to take her from me.
Because no one touches what’s mine and lives.