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Southpaw by Ginger Scott

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Novel: Southpaw by Ginger Scott
Writer(s): Ginger Scott
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books

About Southpaw by Ginger Scott

Sutter Mason is sick and tired of ballplayers. And pitchers? The worst!

She’s over their inflated egos. Done with their magnetic charm. And as far as she’s concerned, the broken promise the last ace left her with was her final strike in the game of love.

The problem? Her dad is the coach of the hometown minor league team. And the hot new lefty who just joined the squad? He’s her brother’s new roommate. This time around, instead of falling for the player, she’s going to use him to get what she wants—the perfect case study for her psychology thesis.

No dates. No feelings. Zero extra innings. Simply a business relationship that ends when the season is done or Jensen Hawke is pulled up for prime time.

Arizona Monsoon rookie Jensen Hawke is laser focused—on proving he’s more than just hype, on breaking the league’s strikeout record, and on getting called up to the big leagues.