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A Little Easter Escapade

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Novel: A Little Easter Escapade
Writer(s): Laylah Roberts, Rawhide Authors
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books

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About A Little Easter Escapade

One Daddy. Two Littles. Incalculable opportunities for Rawhide shenanigans.

Numbers make Marcus Cutler’s world go round. Literally. As a theoretical physicist, he spends his days trying to make sense of the universe around him.

So he knows better than anyone that three people in a relationship is exponentially better than two. Especially when one of those people is an older silver fox of a Daddy and the other is a gorgeous, shy Little for Marcus to play with.

The world’s biggest and smartest super-computers couldn’t have built him a better family.

But when his perfect happily ever after is jeopardized, Marcus will have to rely on his heart more than his head to decide if twice the love is worth twice the risk of a broken heart…