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Alien Alpha’s Desire – Presley Hall (PDF & EPUB) Download Free

Alien Alpha’s Desire – Presley Hall

Book Alien Alpha’s Desire – Presley Hall is available to download free in pdf epub format.

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Novel: Alien Alpha’s Desire – Presley Hall
Writer(s): Presley Hall
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books

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About Alien Alpha’s Desire – Presley Hall

After seeing one of the women I was captured with carried off by a massive alien barbarian, and another one led up into the mountains to be traded away, I’m done waiting to see what my fate will be.

So when I get a chance to escape the Uleki village, I take it, even though it means I’ll have to face the wilds of Xaath alone.

But I didn’t plan on the Bekaru tribe sending someone after me, a cocky, headstrong young warrior named Luka.

When an injury stops him from bringing me back to the Bekaru lands, we’re forced to seek shelter from another tribe—and to my total shock, Luka tells them all that I’m his fated mate. I know he did it to protect me, but keeping up the ruse isn’t easy… especially when his kisses and caresses feel confusingly real.

I can’t let myself fall for him. Even though he makes me feel things no other man has, I’m not sure I trust any of these aliens, even Luka.

And besides, it’s all just for show. Right?