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Alien Chief – Honey Phillips

Book Alien Chief – Honey Phillips is available to download free in pdf epub format.

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Novel: Alien Chief – Honey Phillips
Writer(s): Honey Phillips
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books

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About Alien Chief – Honey Phillips

Can a fake relationship between a spirited woman and a fierce alien warrior turn into something more?

After a lifetime in the spotlight, Lillie hoped that leaving Earth would provide a fresh start for her and her twin sister. But while her sister is thriving, Lillie finds herself struggling to adjust to her new life.

Lost and confused, when she sees an opportunity to escape she seizes it, even though it means pretending to be mated to the annoying – and annoyingly handsome – Clan Chief Okami.

Frustrated by his brother’s refusal to give him any official responsibilities, Okami hides his disappointment behind a careless facade. When he discovers a potential threat to his brother’s leadership, he is determined to handle it on his own.

Unfortunately, his only chance of success depends on assistance from the deliciously infuriating Lillie. Even though she’s completely off limits, their fake relationship quickly begins to feel real.

As their investigation grows increasingly dangerous, will Lillie and Okami survive long enough to find out if they have a future together?