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All Inn Thyme – Erin Branscom (PDF & EPUB) Download Free

All Inn Thyme – Erin Branscom

Book All Inn Thyme – Erin Branscom is available to download free in pdf epub format.

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Novel: All Inn Thyme – Erin Branscom
Writer(s): Erin Branscom
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books

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About All Inn Thyme – Erin Branscom

Reverse grumpy sunshine, right next door, protector, a woman in jeopardy, single parent, mistaken identity, shelter from the storm, created families, saving someone you love, ultimate cinnamon roll, undercover love, small town, circle of friends. He fixes the family he didn’t break.

He’s Freedom Valley’s blue-collar hottie. I’m the housekeeper at the Golden Gable Inn, obsessed with gardening and creating a simple life for my son and me. He’s a mechanic by trade, so he fixes things. He tried to fix me, but it turns out we needed to fix each other. . .

When I said “I do” five years ago, I was young and had no idea the nightmare I was walking into.

When I finally escaped my husband with my young son, we ended up at an idyllic family-owned New England inn, living under new names and building a life that was safe and happy with new friends that became like family to us. I thought had figured out a way to make our lives beautiful and happy again.