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Asking For a Friend - JJ Harper

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Novel: Asking For a Friend – JJ Harper
Writer(s): JJ Harper
Format: pdf epub
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About Asking For a Friend – JJ Harper

Lando writes about romance for a living yet shuns it in his life.
After too many failed relationships, Lando Hardwick has enough. No more dates for him. His taste in men is abysmal. He always falls for the ones who are only looking for fun.
Hesketh Trent has stopped searching for a boyfriend. They only see him as a walking cash machine, only care what he can buy them. What has happened to romance, love?
Getting soaked by scalding coffee is the worst way to start the day, but hell’s bells, the man is divine. Even though the man ticks all his boxes, no way is Lando giving him his phone number. He’ll be like all the rest: one hot night and he kicks him out the door.
But Hesketh doesn’t give up so easily. The cute redhead with no brain-to-mouth filter intrigues him as no man has ever done.
A cat and mouse chase is on, with Lando as the mouse. Once Lando is caught, they can’t stay away from one another.
Until Hesketh makes a mistake.
Thank god for mutual friends who won’t give up on them and push them together when they’re both too stubborn to take the next step.
Asking For a Friend is a stand-alone MM novel with a group of sassy men, a larger-than-life ginger cat called Flanaghan, a stubborn writer, and a man who can plan events but not his own life.