Babber Into My Heart – Layla Dorine

Babber Into My Heart – Layla Dorine

Book Babber Into My Heart – Layla Dorine is available to download free in pdf epub format.

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Novel: Babber Into My Heart – Layla Dorine
Writer(s): Layla Dorine
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books

About Babber Into My Heart – Layla Dorine

Bastian has never belonged to anyone, and he doesn’t expect a bit of pet training and an event at a pretty resort to change that. In fact, the only reason he came at all is that his best friend, Chauncy, was too shy to come on his own. Chauncy has dreams of becoming the perfect pet for some special person, while Bastian couldn’t imagine ever allowing anyone to change him. He loves who he is and is proud to be a little rough around the edges and a teensy bit wild. That’s not saying he doesn’t want a keeper; he just has no interest in a master who wants to bend him to his will.

Jarrod is the gentle, give them their heads and let them run with it type. As the pony master, he’s developed a soft hand and tends to coax rather than make demands. He’s never seriously looked at a pet that wasn’t a pony though, and Bastian, in his cute, fuzzy and form-fitting ferret suit, is about as far from being a pony as one can get. Yet when Jarrod spies him summersault off the back of a bench and hit the ground running, he’s intrigued. He hasn’t spied this particular pet moving in and out of the training rooms, nor has he seen him hanging around with any of the other trainees. Of course, he can’t be everywhere, so there’s a pretty good chance he’s missed him, but now that he’s had a glimpse, he knows he’ll never forget that stunning face or lithe athleticism. Unfortunately for him, Bastian does an immediate about-face when he hears the word master and makes himself next to impossible for Jarrod to find.