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Captivating the Savior – Alexia Chase

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Novel: Captivating the Savior – Alexia Chase
Writer(s): Alexia Chase
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books

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About Captivating the Savior – Alexia Chase

Can the savior be saved?
When I was four, my mother left me with my father – a capo for the Kansas City Mafia. And his hate for her transferred to me. I’d escape, but he keeps me in line with an iron fist and a gilded cage – without the luxury of gold-painted bars.
And then a beast of a man comes to my rescue. Is he the big bad wolf or the answer to my prayers?
I’m no one’s hero. I proved that when I didn’t protect my girlfriend or my sister when they needed me. And now, I live with the consequences.
Gabriella is everything I’d look for in a woman, but I’m not looking. I can’t risk putting her life in my hands.
But what if the situation is already out of my control? Can I save her before it’s too late?
This novel is a spicy, contemporary, romantic suspense story between a billionaire disguised as a mechanic and the much younger daughter of an abusive criminal. This book contains darker topics that might not be suitable for all readers.