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Click – Briana Michaels

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Novel: Click – Briana Michaels
Writer(s): Briana Michaels
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books

About Click – Briana Michaels

When Mak hired me as her boudoir photographer, I bet she never thought I’d also become her Primal Dom. The moment I saw her, my wild side wanted to play. She’s fun to chase and even more fun to catch. But I have carefully constructed rules in place for anyone who climbs into my bed, and I’m breaking too many of them for her.
That’s dangerous, considering this is only a fling.
Now I’m in over my head, and the more we’re together, the more we click, and I find myself willing to do whatever it takes to keep her.
Including breaking my last rule.
Give me a big, growly, man and watch me swoon. Carson delivers my fantasies, one after another, and exceeds all my expectations. The only problem? His walls are always up, and I have no clue how to crack his code.
Good thing I love a challenge.
He’ll soon learn that I don’t back down from getting what I want, and what I want most is him.
Let the chase begin…