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Coyote - Nikita Slater

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Novel: Coyote – Nikita Slater
Writer(s): Nikita Slater
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books

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About Coyote – Nikita Slater

I’m walking a tightrope between what the world sees and who I really am. I’m waiting for the day I can release my boiling rage and annihilate my father. In the meantime, I burn with guilt and shame over my inaction.

Then I meet her, Bryce, the catalyst for uncaging the monster inside. I killed a man for her for reasons I can’t understand. And how does she repay me? By bringing a horrific past with her that reveals my secrets and unleashes my fury.

It’s too soon, but I have no choice. I’ll destroy the world to keep her safe, even if that means losing myself in the process.

Bryce… I have a secret that could get everyone around me killed.