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Daddy’s Little Farmer – Lila Fox (PDF & EPUB) Download Free

Daddy’s Little Farmer – Lila Fox

Book Daddy’s Little Farmer – Lila Fox is available to download free in pdf epub format.

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Novel: Daddy’s Little Farmer – Lila Fox
Writer(s): Lila Fox
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books

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About Daddy’s Little Farmer – Lila Fox

Rafael’s first glimpse of Mara felt like someone punched his gut. She was the sweetest thing he’d ever seen. The problem was they were from two different worlds. But when he went back to his, she was all he thought about.

Mara lived on her own with her animals. Her life wasn’t easy because she had to work hard and people wouldn’t leave her alone. A person she should have been able to trust, harassed her and then did something she could never forgive. She’d taken her best friend from her and it was something she would never get over.

When Rafael came back into her life, he intimidated her but tried so hard to adapt to her world she couldn’t help but fall in love with him. When he takes her to his home he just about has her slip through his fingers and it was all because of his fear of loving her.