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Deceptive Promises – R. E. Butler (PDF & EPUB) Download Free

Deceptive Promises –  R. E. Butler

Book Deceptive Promises – R. E. Butler is available to download free in pdf epub format.

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Novel: Deceptive Promises – R. E. Butler
Writer(s): R. E. Butler
Format: pdf epub
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About Deceptive Promises – R. E. Butler

Ivar McIntyre is not who he says he is. He’s a male full of secrets and willing to lie to accomplish what his alpha tells him to do. He arrived in Cider Falls to help take out the leadership so his alpha, Vega, could take over the town, but once there, he quickly realizes what an amazing place it is.

Cymbre Daniels is a falcon shifter who was exiled from her nest when she refused to take a mate from a neighboring nest at her alpha’s urging. A war broke out because of her refusal and people died. She’s never forgotten her role in those deaths, and the exile brand on her wrist is a daily reminder. When she meets Ivar, a gryphon who arrived in town unconscious and gravely injured, she knows he’s her truemate. The problem? Ivar is the most closed-off male she’s ever met in her life and he doesn’t want anything to do with her.