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Destined for Me – Corinne Michaels

Book Destined for Me – Corinne Michaels is available to download free in pdf epub format.

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Novel: Destined for Me – Corinne Michaels
Writer(s): Corinne Michaels
Format: pdf epub
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About Destined for Me – Corinne Michaels

From New York Times Bestselling author Corinne Michaels comes an Arrowood-Hennington crossover next generation novella.
No one makes my blood boil like Cayden Hennington.
When I finished second in my class in law school, he finished first.
We interned at the same firm—he got hired while I didn’t.
Now we’re opposing counsel on my first big solo case, and I refuse to lose to him.
I will not think about the way his lips taste or how he makes my heart race. I won’t dream of that night we argued until our clothes came off.
That night is irrelevant because I am over him.
(I’m also lying to myself).
However, we’re both professionals, right?
One stupid drink is all it takes after six hours of intense negotiations to find myself right back in his arms and in a world of trouble.
There is a thin line between love and hate, and we are destined to choose a side.