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Detective Daddy - Lena Little

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Novel: Detective Daddy – Lena Little
Writer(s): Lena Little
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books

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About Detective Daddy – Lena Little

As a detective, I know some cases never get solved and some bad guys escape justice, but I can’t let this one go.
I refuse to.
A young girl was murdered and another, the only verifiable witness to the crime, is missing. Now, six months in, my Chief is pressuring me to make progress or close the file.
Desperate to get a break in the case, I go out looking for my missing witness and find her just in time. She’s in danger and it’s my duty to rescue her.
The dust settles and I see her. I mean really see her.
Once I lay eyes on her, I know I can’t let her go. My protective instincts go haywire, and all I can think about is keeping her safe. She’s my responsibility now, and I need her just as much as she needs me.
I swear I can’t take my eyes off this beauty. With her in my custody, I find myself longing to do more than just protect her. I want to make her mine.
Nothing on this Earth can stop me from keeping this innocent, beautiful little girl alive and bringing her friend’s killers to justice. I’m about to become their worst nightmare.