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Fates Mark - Demi Warrik

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Novel: Fates Mark – Demi Warrik
Writer(s): Demi Warrik
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books

About Fates Mark – Demi Warrik

Fate always has a plan for us, which is likely why it sends me stumbling face first into my mate’s crotch. Literally.
Imagine my surprise when I first hold his hand and, bam, a bond clicks into place throwing me into a supernatural world I know nothing about.
Add in a snarky golden retriever familiar who always has my back, three psycho Elders trying to kill me, and a bestie who gets kidnapped… I’d say fate certainly has a strange sense of humor.
And it’s not done with me yet. Turns out I have five fated mates, all from different magical backgrounds.
The thing with fate, though? It leads me through a ton of twists and turns, but eventually, I end up exactly where I need to be.
My name is Sadie Sinclair and my story is finally told.