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Good With His Hands – Verity Arden

Book Good With His Hands – Verity Arden is available to download free in pdf epub format.

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Novel: Good With His Hands – Verity Arden
Writer(s): Verity Arden
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books

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About Good With His Hands – Verity Arden

Scarlet’s dream of independence is falling apart, like the fixtures in her new apartment after the construction company cut corners.

None of this is the new maintenance company’s fault. She knows she’s acting like a diva calling them out so late on a Sunday. It could wait.

But that voice… that sinful purr down the phone. Can he really have the full package to go with it?

She’s definitely curious.

It turns out Mr. Handyman is a god walking in human flesh, and now she’s roused his inner beast.

Every man at Complete Maintenance Solutions gets counseling on the dangers of servicing women when they should be servicing their homes. Kaleb would know; it’s his company, after all.

Only the hot, wet dream who calls him up late on a Sunday is a temptation of the highest order…. and parading around in lingerie while he’s trying to work.

The rule book has been thrown out the window; someone needs to teach the hot pixie a lesson, and Kaleb’s just the man for the job.