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Husband For Hire - Molly Summers

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Novel: Husband For Hire – Molly Summers
Writer(s): Molly Summers
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books

About Husband For Hire – Molly Summers

Olivia Porter finds herself back in her hometown, facing the hostility of her family she regrets leaving behind more than a decade ago.
A series of bad decisions have left her desolate. But when an opportunity presents itself in the form of a dilapidated Inn belonging to her deceased mother, Olivia finally feels like she can do something to change her fate.
There’s only one catch: she needs to be married in order to inherit it.
Which would have been fine a month ago… before her divorce was finalized.
Enter Mason King, a real estate agent who works for his father’s company.
He’s rich, cocky, and smoking hot. But that’s not why Olivia needs him.
Together, they might just be able to workaround the clause in her mother’s will.
Surprisingly, fooling everyone into believing they’re a couple is easy.
The complicated pieces of the puzzle lie within the walls of Riverbend Inn,
And in the missing person’s case that leads straight to their doorstep.
As they work to solve the mysteries surrounding them,
The ‘fake’ part of their relationship is getting harder to remember.
But lies and deception are waiting in the wings, threatening to tear them apart.
Will Olivia manage to keep a hold on the complications surrounding her life?
Or will Mason be just another mistake?