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Irish – Mary Kennedy

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Novel: Irish – Mary Kennedy
Writer(s): Mary Kennedy
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books

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About Irish – Mary Kennedy

Connor ‘Irish’ Kelly has spent most of his life fighting for what he wanted. When he decides that Lucinda Harwell is who he wants, he makes the mistake of doing the one thing she can’t tolerate. He tells an innocent, little, white lie. It’s months before he can finally speak to her again, but when he does, the RP team find themselves in the midst of one of the most disturbing cases they’ve ever taken on. Children dying of cancer. Diabetics losing limbs. There doesn’t seem to be an end to it. For Irish, as long as he can find an end with Lucinda, he’ll be happy.

Dr. Lucinda Harwell made a fast judgment with Irish Kelly. Too fast. She’s regretted it every day since it happened. Now, taken hostage by a man with a gunshot wound to his chest, she has to find a way to fight and get out. The problem is, once she realizes what the man needs, she doesn’t want to run away. She wants to help him and so do the men and women at RP. In the rainy, gloomy back-drop of Seattle, they find more than they bargained for, but definitely not more than they can handle.