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Irresistibly Alone - Julie Cooper

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Novel: Irresistibly Alone – Julie Cooper
Writer(s): Julie Cooper
Format: pdf epub
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About Irresistibly Alone – Julie Cooper

UNTIL THE DAY of the Netherfield Ball, Elizabeth Bennet’s greatest concerns are wondering who might partner with her for a dance and the likely ruin of her shoe roses after she stands up with Mr Collins. A death in the neighbourhood changes everything, including her belief in the benevolence of the father she has always adored. Suddenly, she alone holds the means of salvation for her family’s future. Alas, what is required of her is marriage to a man old enough to be her grandfather.

FITZWILLIAM DARCY REGRETTED insulting the lovely Elizabeth Bennet—but not enough to apologise. After all, raising the hopes of such an ineligible young lady would be improper and unkind. That night at Netherfield, however, he not only discovers Elizabeth’s future is tragically decided, but he begins to see a depth of grace and courage in her that he has never known in another.

HOW CAN DARCY possibly abandon her? He must find some way to help, even as he knows he must leave her permanently, severely, and irresistibly alone.

This Pride and Prejudice variation is a second chance romance that is novella length.