It Isn’t Over – Jamie Bennett

It Isn’t Over – Jamie Bennett

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Novel: It Isn’t Over – Jamie Bennett
Writer(s): Jamie Bennett
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books

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About It Isn’t Over – Jamie Bennett

Who would have thought that one song would change everything?

Cassidy Archer can’t keep going like this. Since she lost her husband, Bo, she has been stuck in an endless cycle of sadness, regret, and blame. It’s not just that he’s gone, it’s how he died, and—no. There’s no point in reliving it (not that she’s actually living). She needs something different. She needs a change.
But Jack Calder? He’s definitely something different, and something that she never expected. She never could have dreamed that that her life would become entwined with a country music star in the making! Especially one so…well, he’s good enough to eat. He’s not just handsome, but also talented and funny, good-hearted and good with kids.
He’s practically perfect and the big question is, why hasn’t some other woman already snapped this guy up? Not that Cassidy is looking to snap up Jack or anyone else. She’s still in love with the husband she lost. For her, it isn’t over, and it never will be.
But somehow, her life keeps going and it’s going in a whole new direction now. Glamorous parties in gowns and tuxes, family festivities with baseball and red-hot dip, penthouse apartments, crumbling houses—Cassidy and Jack suddenly have a connection that neither of them wants to sever. They’re friends, business partners, roommates, and…more? Can Jack give her what her husband never could, or never would?
Can a song—just a song—change their lives forever?