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Let’s Do This – Loren Leigh

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Novel: Let’s Do This – Loren Leigh
Writer(s): Loren Leigh
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books

About Let’s Do This – Loren Leigh

Ever since we met two years ago, Eden Burkehammer has made everything better.
The big defenseman sets me at ease. He’s a beast on the ice—brutal and physical—but when it’s the two of us, he turns to me with these unexpectedly soft brown eyes. This gravelly laugh that makes my whole body smile. And yeah, I might have thrown a glance his way a time or two in the steamed-up locker room showers—you know, just curious.
But he’s my best friend. My teammate. Roommate.
I can’t look at Shaw Keenan for too long. When he leans across my truck console, with that whip-quick smile, I get this catch in my throat and focus on the road. Or when he tips his goalie mask up onto his head, hair askew and a flush of adrenaline on his cheeks, I skate back toward the blue line.
I don’t know why. My head’s confused about a lot of stuff. Always has been. But what I do know is that I’ve never thought about anyone the way I think about him.