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Maybe One Day – Sarah Douglas

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Novel: Maybe One Day – Sarah Douglas
Writer(s): Sarah Douglas
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books

About Maybe One Day – Sarah Douglas

For as long as she can remember, Hayley Donovan has had a crush on Jace Hammond, and she always hoped that maybe one day, he’d feel the same. She never said anything until one night when she confessed her feelings. Now she’s afraid she’s ruined their friendship forever. After all, Jace has never given her any indication that he feels the same way.

Two years later, Hayley decides to leave her small town and her family’s tragic past behind to attend the University of Delaware – the very same university as Jace. As the two reconnect for the first time in over a year, they can’t ignore the growing feelings between them, however, things are never simple when it comes to love.

After an unwanted encounter with a guy at an off-campus party, Hayley turns to Jace for support, and it brings out all the emotions he’s tried so hard to keep buried. As they’re pulled together, it’s clear that their feelings haven’t changed, only deepened, and keeping things platonic becomes impossible. Jace wants to build a future with Hayley, no matter the cost. It won’t be easy for them to overcome years of ignoring the truth, but they’re determined to try – together.

But as the threats against Hayley begin to escalate, being together means confronting both the present and the past, putting their hearts, and possibly her life, on the line.