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Memory and Desire – Carla Simpson (PDF & EPUB) Download Free

Memory and Desire – Carla Simpson

Book Memory and Desire – Carla Simpson is available to download free in pdf epub format.

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Novel: Memory and Desire – Carla Simpson
Writer(s): Carla Simpson
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books

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About Memory and Desire – Carla Simpson

Murder, betrayal, revenge… and two people bound together across oceans, and time.

She has had the dreams since she was a small child, her parents killed in a shipwreck in the treacherous waters off the coast of Cornwall. The dreams are from another time and place, and a man who waits in shadows. They are an elusive memory that leave her with questions but no answers.

Now a young woman, on the eve of her marriage to a man she doesn’t love, a mysterious stranger enters her life. He’s dangerous, with secrets of his own, but it’s as if he’s stepped out of her dreams… out of that other life.

He’s known as the Raven, the symbol that flies above his ship. He has a ruthless reputation and he’s responsible for the loss of English ships and cargo across the English Empire.

Now, he’s arrived in London, taking the disguise of a titled gentleman, with one purpose–revenge, the name of the ship he sails. But she is a woman from his past, a past life, lost a long time ago. She represents everything he hates and has sworn against.

Fate and time have set a different course for them, a collision course of hearts and souls where choices will have to be made about what they believe…