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Mick Sinatra – Mallory Monroe

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Novel: Mick Sinatra – Mallory Monroe
Writer(s): Mallory Monroe
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books

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About Mick Sinatra – Mallory Monroe

Mick Sinatra, the boss of all bosses, may not be running the day to day of his syndicate, but that doesn’t mean he is no longer in charge. He is still Mick the Tick. He is still the gold standard. He is still the summit of the mountain every wannabe wants to climb up and knock down. Their calculation: he is weak enough to give it a try.

But a “weak” Mick is still stronger than anybody else.

And when they come for his wife in a daring move that even Mick didn’t see coming, and the truth of why it all happened leads him down a rabbit hole of a past he prayed would never catch up with him, the man they thought was leaving the scene is back. And when Mick is back all hope of reconciliation is over. They set it off. He’ll burn it all down. And their miscalculation will lead to a war that nobody wanted, but everybody pays for.