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Montana Cowboy Bride – Jane Porter (PDF & EPUB) Download Free

Montana Cowboy Bride – Jane Porter

Book Montana Cowboy Bride – Jane Porter is available to download free in pdf epub format.

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Novel: Montana Cowboy Bride – Jane Porter
Writer(s): Jane Porter
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books

About Montana Cowboy Bride – Jane Porter

Briar Phillips was thrilled to finally find her half-brother but it’s been far from smooth sailing. Single and pregnant—and hiding her pregnancy—Briar retreats to the Sundowner Ranch to figure out her next steps but isn’t greeted with open arms. Older brother Cade Hunt assigns her to the kitchen and warns every ranch hand to stay away from her. But Briar rebuffs his controlling ways and finds herself drawn to Jet Manning—rugged, tough, and ten years her senior.

Former navy fighter pilot Jet Manning sacrificed everything to avenge his mother’s death. His reputation, his career, and any hope for a relationship. But when Briar reveals her secret, he’s compelled to help her even though Cade has made it clear that Briar is off-limits.

As Briar and Jet break down each other’s walls, Cade’s stays intact. The Sundowner Ranch might be the biggest in Wyoming, but it’s too small for all of them. One of them has to go…but at what cost?