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My Big Fat Fabulous First Love

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Novel: My Big Fat Fabulous First Love
Writer(s): Lyndsey Gallagher
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books

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About My Big Fat Fabulous First Love

I’m trying to save her.
She’s trying to kill me.
One indecent little black dress at a time.
If my boss and friend, Ryan Cooper, had an idea how bad I have it for his wife’s little sister, he would never have sent me here.
I’ve been obsessed with Victoria Sexton for years.
Living with her is testing every inch of willpower I possess.
How can I watch her back when I can’t stop imagining her on it?
As a student doctor, I deal with bullet wounds on a regular basis, but one teeny nightclub shooting is all it takes for my sister and her rock star husband to send me a new bodyguard/ babysitter.
The last person I expect to turn up is Archie “can’t-bear-to-look-you-in-the-eye” Mason.
We were friends once.
Almost more… then something changed.
Now we’re roommates until graduation.
I can’t turn around without tripping over him.
If only I could trip underneath him.
Because he is every bit as alluring as he was five years ago.
And equally as unavailable.