Nantucket in Bloom – Katie Winters

Nantucket in Bloom – Katie Winters

Book Nantucket in Bloom – Katie Winters is available to download free in pdf epub format.

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Novel: Nantucket in Bloom – Katie Winters
Writer(s): Katie Winters
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books

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About Nantucket in Bloom – Katie Winters

Fifty years ago, a Nantucket father made an irreparable mistake that altered the course of many people’s lives. But now, his daughter has returned to the island — and she’s ready to face the past.

Eloise’s father kicked her out at sixteen. She had nothing — no love, no happiness, no safety — for years, until she married and moved to Indiana with a man named Liam. There, they had an at-times strained marriage, praying for children who never came. Three years ago, Liam passed away, and now, their farm has burned down, leaving Eloise with nothing, all over again — just like when she was sixteen.

Julia’s daughter, Anna, lives in Seattle, where she works as a travel writer. When she goes to Orcas Island on a writing assignment, her boyfriend, Dean, surprises her there with a question that’s bound to change their lives. But a freak accident on Orcas Island destroys Anna’s sense of self — and she’s forced to return to Nantucket Island to seek comfort at The Copperfield House.