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Noctis – M.E. Clayton

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Novel: Noctis – M.E. Clayton
Writer(s): M.E. Clayton
Format: pdf epub
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About Noctis – M.E. Clayton

Though his life could have been vastly different, Kalon Dreven had no complaints about the one that he was living now. Handsome, successful, rich, and cultured, he truly was living his best life. Granted, that was easy to do when death wasn’t a real concern and no one was the wiser about what you really were, but still. At any rate, vampires and werewolves didn’t exist, right?

Though her life could have been vastly different, Mora Kamra had no complaints about her life-past, present, or future. Beautiful, kind, strong, and independent, she couldn’t imagine a better life for herself. Even though her life had started out by being dumped at a fire station as a baby, she’d been blessed with the best adoptive parents in the world. After all, not all foster kids were that lucky, right?