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Obsessed With My Ex’s Dad

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Novel: Obsessed With My Ex’s Dad
Writer(s): S.C. Adams, S.E. Law
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books

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About Obsessed With My Ex’s Dad

Tess: My shotgun marriage was over and done with in the blink of an eye. It’s kind of embarrassing, but Rolly and I were never really a *thing* even though he put a ring on my finger. Yet the craziest part of this is that I’m still visiting my ex’s dad in prison after the divorce … while putting the “conjugal” in “conjugal visit.” Is that bad? But I can’t help it because the older man is dark, demanding, and dangerous … with a massive tool that has me completely obsessed.

Roland: Tess is young and innocent, and the other prisoners literally drool when they see the curvy girl arrive for our “family reunifications.” But does that stop me? Hell no. I’m a ruthless m*therf*cker making the bed springs squeak as I instruct the innocent young girl on the intricacies of being a woman … and I don’t care how wrong it is because I’m already behind bars!