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Obsession - Liliana Carlisle

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Novel: Obsession – Liliana Carlisle
Writer(s): Liliana Carlisle
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books

About Obsession – Liliana Carlisle

She’s never had to worry about Alphas.
Now, one won’t leave her alone.
Everything was fine until the Alphas escaped—then he turned her world upside down and exposed her secrets.
He lurks in the shadows, showing up when she least expects it and drawing her towards him with his potent scent and clever tongue.
Every time she tries to run, he’s mere steps behind her, loving the chase.
He’s her monster, her protector, and her chaos.
They shouldn’t be together—they can’t be, for reasons that go deeper than his darkest deeds and her secret shame.
But he’s never been a fan of the rules and he fully intends to make her face the truth—she belongs to him.
She’ll never admit it’s exactly what she wants.