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Paper Swans – E.M. Lindsey

Book Paper Swans – E.M. Lindsey is available to download free in pdf epub format.

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Novel: Paper Swans – E.M. Lindsey
Writer(s): E.M. Lindsey
Format: pdf epub
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About Paper Swans – E.M. Lindsey

They’ve spent years sharing everything with each other.
First kisses.
And quiet promises.
But the one thing Domenico will never be is Shiloh’s. It’s a cruel fate, but it’s one Shiloh can live with so long as Dom is happy. So long as they never stop being friends. But when Shiloh asks Dom to go as his date to a costume party, he realizes his best friend is going to discover a few things about him he’s never told anyone. A few things he’s afraid to say aloud to himself.
While Shiloh doesn’t think Dom will abandon him, it might just change the dynamic of who they are, and that’s not something he’s sure he’s willing to live with.
Paper Swans is a standalone novella originally released with the Heart2Heart anthology. It has been expanded with an additional 20k words. It features best friends to lovers, epic pining, comfort food, emotional support chickens, bad limericks, origami, lipstick, red dresses, and the sweetest most satisfying happily ever after.