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Phoenix - Helen Hardt

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Novel: Phoenix – Helen Hardt
Writer(s): Helen Hardt
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books

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About Phoenix – Helen Hardt

Ex-Navy SEAL Leif Ramsey—known as Phoenix—has fallen hard for spitfire Kelly Taylor, but the first order of business is to protect her from whoever is sending her threatening texts. Her tormenter has upped the ante with a message Leif can’t bear to show Kelly, but when he finally does…

Kelly knows exactly who sent it—a person she thought had disappeared forever. Kelly tries to go on with her life, determined not to let anything interfere with her new job and her budding relationship with Leif. But her abusive mother is in town and wants to see her, and her tormentor is inching ever closer.

When an unexpected murder leaves both Kelly and Leif stunned and unnerved, they turn to each other. Someone is watching though—someone who will destroy everything in his path to get what he wants.