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Pick Love by Ella Goode

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Novel: Pick Love by Ella Goode
Writer(s): Ella Goode
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books

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About Pick Love by Ella Goode

When his producer friend’s dating show is short one bachelor, reclusive tech billionaire Leo Davidson reluctantly agrees to fill in on one condition: he gets to play the villain. He’s allowed to be mean, short-tempered, selfish, and rude. Deal made, he gets micced up and shipped off to the island. Once he arrives, he finds sand, sun, and Quinn. Suddenly, Leo hates his predestined role because how’s he going to convince the love of his life that he’s the one for her?

Quinn Severs has a growing social media presence—as the cat lady. No, really. Quinn and her family run a big cat rescue sanctuary where they take in leopards and tigers who have been abandoned or mistreated by private owners. It takes a lot of money and her family convinces her this dating show would be perfect to attract attention to their cause. She doesn’t expect to fall in love on the dating show. No one really does that but Leo seems different. Under his surly behavior, she thinks if she pets him just the right way, he might want to stay by her side forever. But he’s a big city guy and she’s a wildlife sanctuary girl. Maybe they just won’t fit.