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Playing With Fire

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Novel: Playing With Fire
Writer(s): Jerry Murray, Jessica McBrayer
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books

About Playing With Fire

If she only knew what a smoke screen that was.
Behind every glare I direct her way is a fire that burns hotter than the midday Georgia summer sun. And that’s pretty damn hot.
She’s a better hockey player than most of the Hall of Famers and now she’s coaching in the AHL.
I still wanted to play, but my aching knees kept me from playing at the NHL level. At least I felt so, but I still wanted to play. When my last contract ended, I had my agent put my name out to leagues in the States, Canada, and Switzerland. I ended up with the Savannah Heat’s farm team, the Fire. It didn’t hurt that Reagan East was a coach.
I half fell in love with her the first time I saw her skate at the 2006 Olympics in Italy. She was the captain of the Canadian women’s team. Grace, skill and confidence. Beautiful.
She hates my guts.
I know she’s worried about her career. She’s done the near impossible as a skater and now she’s doing it in the coaching world. But is that all there is to her?
What will I do to find out? I’m Ren effing Leuenberger.