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Possessive Surgeon – Lena Little

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Novel: Possessive Surgeon – Lena Little
Writer(s): Lena Little
Format: pdf epub
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About Possessive Surgeon – Lena Little

Being made to take on an intern isn’t just an annoyance for me. It’s a disturbance in my routine.

As one of the top surgeons in the country—possibly the world—I should be allowed certain exceptions, and this should be one of them. To make the situation worse, the pompous hospital director is assigning me his kid. I’m used to getting what I want and I don’t want to be his babysitter.

He orders me to his office to meet this brat and I’m fully prepared to put my foot down, but then I see her.

Who knew the director had a daughter in med school? Who knew that he was genetically capable of creating a masterpiece like her?

There’s much more to her than an amazing body and a beautiful face. She’s smart, talented, and innocent, and I become obsessed with her.

Like I said, I’m used to getting what I want and all I want is her, but her father isn’t too keen on the idea.

He challenges me from day one, but when the unexpected happens, I can either become a hero to them both or fail the only woman in the world that I would sacrifice my career for.