Propositioning The Boss – Iona Rose

Propositioning The Boss – Iona Rose

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Novel: Propositioning The Boss – Iona Rose
Writer(s): Iona Rose
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books

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My sister is getting married to my ex, well, he wasn’t my ex yet when they decided to hook up behind my back, so you’ll understand when I say I’m not exactly rational about the whole affair.
In fact, it is safe to say, I’m pretty irrational about the whole thing.
It’s not because I still want that treacherous, lying, faithless, excuse for a real man. No, she’s welcome to him.
It’s just their betrayal that still really hurts. I trusted them.
Now I have their wedding to attend. I can already imagine the scenario with my family, relatives, and friends pretending they don’t pity me.
Poor Ella. She lost her man to her younger sister.
There were a few rational solutions to my problem. One of which would have been to simply absent myself from the occasion. An excuse of ill-health, last minute transport problems, a fractured hip, any old excuse would have done, but what did I do?
The most irrational thing possible, obviously.
I accidentally got drunk at the Christmas party and asked my totally dishy boss to be my pretend boyfriend for the wedding!
Guess what’s even more irrational than that?
He said yes!
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