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Reckless Thief – Heather Long

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Novel: Reckless Thief – Heather Long
Writer(s): Heather Long
Format: pdf epub
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About Reckless Thief – Heather Long

The mentor.
The doctor.
The Vandal.
I grew up on the streets despite my older sister’s best efforts to keep my nose clean. I thought I knew better. I worked hard. and made money. Who cared if what I did was a little illegal?
Then a little boy paid the price for my carelessness. A little boy and his baby sister. It was the wakeup call I needed, even if the cost came too high.
Rough choices made for rough outcomes and when I had the chance to join the military or go to jail to get straight, I went to the military.
I paid for my thoughtless actions by becoming deliberate.
I paid for my greed by offering service.
I paid for my chance at a better life with blood, sweat, and fire.
That service left me scarred but determined. Medical school and training taught me I could continue to serve.
I walked away from the streets, from the blood, the violence, and costs of doing business. Living a life I stole not once, but twice, I focused on helping, on protecting, and on healing.
Until she came back into my life.
I didn’t start this current war, but I will damn well end it.
My name is Mickey James. Little Bit is everything. I fought to stay away, and I’ll fight to keep. Our enemies are going to learn that my skill at healing broken bodies makes me damn talented at damaging them too. They drew blood, we’ll bury them.