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Reflections of Me Year Two

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Novel: Reflections of Me Year Two
Writer(s): Avery Phoenix
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books

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About Reflections of Me Year Two

Being a male was HARD, especially for a girl like me, but who would have thought I’d enjoy the pleasures of being a male, such as learning how to aim my weenie correctly in less than a week?

As adventurous as it all sounds, it led me down a path full of trials and a near-death incident I’d never want to experience again.

After four weeks, two of which I was unconscious and recovering from my wounds, I struggled to regain what I’d forgotten, which left a strain on my friendships; or should I say relationships?

With bullies from Maximus’ past returning for round two, Braxton dealing with personal issues he’d rather fight alone, Kage being followed by a mysterious person, and Nixon experiencing nightmares nightly, I had my hands full.

Logan tried his best to keep us from tearing at one another’s throats, but with the tension of the next set of classes and with expectations rising higher with each passing day, his attempts only acted to add fuel to the fire.

Its Zane’s turn to prove himself and help bring us back together.

But with crazy mage competitions, intense familiar battles, and haunting silver eyes that continued to watch my every move, would we even last long enough to find the real culprit of this game?

Or will we die trying?